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Turtles For Tomorrow is seeking funding from willing donors to help us accomplish our goals.  All contributions are tax deductible and all will be acknowledged by a formal letter from Turtles For Tomorrow for your records.  We appreciate your willingness to support this important conservation work in Wisconsin. Contributions will be used according to your designated project preference. We have listed two specific and two more general funding opportunities. The first two with suggested funding amounts. These two projects are great opportunities for families, small groups or classrooms to consider supporting.  We encourage groups to consider doing their own fundraising for these projects. We will post the results of our conservation projects and research annually on this website.

1. Adopt-a-Nest Site

Adopt–a-Nest Site is designed to cover equipment and supply expenses involved in the annual management of communal nesting sites.  Nest site management is initiated the year following the restoration or creation of a site to maintain it in prime condition for turtle nesting.  Management is conducted once or twice per year and involves the control of weeds and woody vegetation that can compromise the site’s suitability.  The creation of nesting sites first began in Wisconsin in 2011 and many sites exist today. Most nest sites have been readily used by local turtle populations and their use is expected to increase over time. The average annual cost to manage a nest site is $75.

Additional nesting sites are planned for 2019.

These are great projects for classrooms and other groups to adopt.  Participants are encouraged to conduct their own fund-raising to cover adoption costs. 

2. Turtle Nest Site Restoration and Creation

The long-term conservation of Wood Turtles will require significant efforts to restore or create communal nesting sites.  Efforts to address this need began in 2011, but we have only begun to attend to this need in Wisconsin. Over the years we have made significant changes to the type and size of our nest sites. We have 24 electrified nesting sites up and running in 2018.  The cost of restoring or creating a predator-resistant nest site has also been significantly reduced and today ranges from $700 to $1,100 depending on the site’s size and whether nesting substrate needs to be brought into a site to allow for nesting.

Fall view of new nesting site in Northeastern Wisconsin.
Summer view of nesting site in Northeastern Wisconsin.

3. Help Recover Wisconsin’s Rare Reptiles and Amphibians. 


4. Where needed most

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