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Turtles For Tomorrow is seeking funding from willing donors to help us accomplish our goals. All contributions are tax deductible and all will be acknowledged by a formal letter from Turtles For Tomorrow for your records. We appreciate your willingness to support this important conservation work in Wisconsin. Contributions will be used according to your designated project preference. We have listed three specific funding opportunities below, the first with a suggested funding amount. Adopt-a-Nest Site is a great opportunity for businesses families, small groups or classrooms to consider supporting.

Where Needed Most

If you do not have a specific project that you would like to fund, please use this general donation option.

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$25 Ornate Box Turtle Habitat Management

Turtles For Tomorrow currently conducts volunteer habitat management at two sites that support ornate box turtle populations. Donations of any amount are accepted to help pay for transportation, equipment such as brush cutter blades and chain saw chains and gas and oil to operate equipment.

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$70 Adopt-a-Nest Site

Adopt–A-Nest-Site is designed to cover equipment and supply expenses involved in the annual management of created and restored nesting sites. Nest site management is initiated the year following the restoration or creation of a site to maintain them in prime condition for turtle nesting. Management is conducted once or twice per year, every year, to control grasses, weeds and woody vegetation that can compromise the sites suitability. The creation of nesting sites first began in Wisconsin in 2011 and these sites have been readily used by local turtle populations. Their use is expected to increase over time as more turtles find them and as hatchlings from these sites mature and return to them to nest. In 2015 there are at least 16 sites that will require management, eight of which we need funding to cover. The current average cost per site is $70.

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Long-Term Headstarted Blanding’s Turtle Telemetry Project

This multi-year telemetry project started in May of 2013. We have an annual need to refurbish up to 36 headstarted transmitters per year at a cost of $180 each and to pay for equipment maintenence (receiver refurbishing, new attena wires).

Telemetry refurbishing: Any contribution

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Turtle Nest Site Restoration and Creation

The long-term conservation of wood turtles will require significant efforts to restore or create communal nesting sites. This effort began in 2011, and we have only begun to address this need in Wisconsin. The cost of restoring a nest site can run from $200 to $500, and the cost of constructing a new nesting site with predator fencing averages $1,425.

Donate By Check

If you would prefer to make a donation by check, please make the check out to Turtles For Tomorrow, LTD and put your donation preference on the check's memo line. Mail the check to:

Robert Hay
Turtles for Tomorrow
17 Oak Glen Court
Madison, Wisconsin 53717

We will post the results of our conservation projects and research annually on this website.

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