Rebecca Christoffel – Co-Director

Dr. Rebecca A. Christoffel, Reptile and Amphibian Conservationist.  Rebecca received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Wildlife Ecology from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her Ph.D. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University.  
She studied the human dimensions of rare snake conservation, particularly the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake and Timber Rattlesnake, in the Upper Midwest.  She founded Snake Conservation Society, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) public charity) in 2013 and Christoffel Conservation (a for-profit business) in 2015.  Prior to this, Rebecca was an Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Biologist at Iowa State University.  She has worked in habitat management, wildlife education and outreach, and conservation for the past 25 years, much of that time in Wisconsin.  She co-authored four identification guides to Midwest reptiles and amphibians and has authored many magazine, journal and newsletter articles.  Rebecca has conducted several research and conservation projects on Wisconsin’s reptiles and amphibians including Timber Rattlesnakes, Ornate Box Turtles, Blanding’s Turtles and Northern Cricket Frogs.  Snake Conservation Society Inc. is dedicated to changing the image of snakes in people’s imaginations and in promoting the conservation of snakes through educational outreach and interpretation.  Christoffel Conservation focuses on the conservation and management of local reptiles and amphibians and their habitats.