Samantha Foster – Biologist

Samantha has a Bachelor’s in Biology from UW-Whitewater and a Teacher Certification from Concordia University.  While pursuing her biology degree and teacher education certifications, Samantha was fortunate to participate in telemetry studies for the Blanding’s turtle, as well as demographic surveys for various snakes and turtles including the endangered Ornate Box Turtle and the threatened Wood Turtle.  Samantha joined Wisconsin Wetlands Association (WWA) staff in 2019 as the Member Services Assistant.  She continues to do volunteer work for the WDNR and other conservation organizations, including Turtles For Tomorrow, conducting habitat restoration projects.  It is this lifelong love of turtles and other wildlife that rely on wetlands that led her to WWA, and when she isn’t working, she spends her time kayaking and taking photographs of the natural world.